April showers bring May… transitions!IMG_1751

Josh and I both graduated from Asbury University on May 7, marking the end of an incredibly transformational period of our lives. While we are both quick to say that we are experiential learners who prefer to be out of the classroom, there’s no denying that our time as students at Asbury was great preparation for our work in Taiwan. We are incredibly thankful that God saw fit to grow us here before sending us out.

May 12 was Hosanna’s half birthday! There are no words to describe how much we cherish this precious girl. Realizing that half a year with her has already gone is just astonishing. I am definitely on the sappy end of the mom spectrum… I don’t want to turn away for a second because each smile, coo, and accomplishment are so incredible! I’ve never met a baby with such a sweet disposition. We joke that Hosanna was designed as the perfect missionary baby because she is so easygoing! (We’ll see if we still think that when she’s two…)

IMG_3269Our Father’s provision has been evident in our family right from the start, and we experienced God’s gracious giving again this month. In order to obtain a missionary visa requirement to Taiwan, we must have two years of ministry experience on staff with One Mission Society. For the past year we’ve assisted with One Mission’s student center at Asbury to meet this requirement. This month, Josh and I accepted the role of interim Directors of Student Mobilization here at AU until we leave for Taiwan. Basically, we get to listen to college students share about how God is calling them and then give them the tools they need to follow Him. We’ve really enjoyed getting to do that this past year and are excited to continue! We will meet the two-year mark for the visa requirement in March 2017, so by May 2017 (one year from right now!) we hope to be on the ground in Taiwan.

We are going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer to meet with potential ministry partners- that means you! Below is our tentative travel schedule. If we’re going to be near you and you’d like to get together with us in person, let us know! We are passionate about the Lord and His work and would love to tell you more about the ministry in Taiwan as well as hear about how God is moving in your own life.

Williamson Travel Schedule

May 27-30: Georgia

June 3-6: Southbend, IN & Michewaka Chinese Church

June 9-16: College Station and Tyler, TX

June 23-26: One Mission Society International Conference @ Indiana Wesleyan University

July 1-18: Georgia

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