We are just months away from our May 2017 departure date for Taiwan!  As some of you  may know, we are in the process of raising funds to go to Taiwan.  One Mission Society has given us a projected monthly amount that we raise, called our Missionary Support Requirement (MSR).  Our MSR is roughly 1/3 salary to live off of and 2/3 funds to run the ministry God has called us to.  In order to reach that amount and be able to go to Taiwan we need folks here in America to join our monthly support team.  To make it easier for you to see how to contribute, we’re launching our 35@100 campaign.

If 35 people commit to a $100/month donation to support God’s work in Taiwan though us, we will be COMPLETELY funded.  To some, $100 a month may seem like a lot and to others this may seem trivial.  100 is not a magic number.  If it’s on your heart to join us through giving, ask the Lord how much He wants to provide for you to give.  There is no amount that is too small for us to appreciate or for the Lord to use. In God’s economy no gift is put to waste and no amount of generosity and faith goes unnoticed.  If you feel led to give, know that your gift will be directly impacting the ministry of God in Taiwan.

Click here to become one of the 35 who will join in God’s work serving Taiwan’s orphans and families!

As new partners commit, the empty spaces below will be filled.

0/35 partners have joined so far:


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