Prayer Update: December

Since December is apparently the official God-ordained month to update friends and family on one’s whereabouts and exploits, we thought we would take this month’s blog post to let you all know what God has been doing in our lives thus far and what we are praying for Him to continue to do.


The OMS booth at the International Conference on Missions in Lexington

So as I’m assuming you’ve read our other posts (if you haven’t you might want to first) you all should know we are about 6 months away from moving to Taiwan to work with orphans and the unreached there.  We have seen God do some incredible things in the past few months as we prepare to leave.  Probably the most encouraging thing to us is that we are now 31% funded!  God has been so faithful to us as we have been working to find individuals and churches willing to  partner with us financially to reach the lost in Taiwan.  Every percentage point is an affirmation from God that His favor rests on our ministry.


OneWeekend Fall 2016

On that same note we have seen incredible growth in the ministry we are currently involved in on Asbury University’s campus.  We are about the most unqualified people you could ask to lead a college ministry and yet we have seen God shower his favor upon us as we have worked to lead more college students into missions.  Over the last semester we have seen students each week gathering here at the OMS center to encourage and equip each other to hear the call God is placing on their lives.  We even took 5 students to an OMS retreat called One Weekend where they were challenged to look more closely at what God’s calling on their lives is and what’s hindering their obedience to it.  God is faithful!


Hosanna is one year old!

As a family we continue to see God’s blessing as we watch our daughter Hosanna grow and develop.  She has come so far in the last few weeks. Just a month ago she was barely learning to crawl and now she is already climbing up on furniture.  Goodbye candles, goodbye coffee table decorations!  Her personality is starting to come out in little ways.  She loves oatmeal with a passion, she HATES peas from a jar, she absolutely loves being swung upside down, and most importantly she does NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, want US to feed her a green bean (she can do it HERSELF).

In all these ways we have seen God’s faithfulness. As we look forward to 2017 we would ask you to join us in asking God to continue showing us his favor and blessing in these areas.

First of all join us in asking for favor in our current ministry.  We know that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  Our job here at Asbury is to encourage students to go out into the field and serve God as missionaries.  Please pray with us that more students can be encouraged by our work here, and that more will go.  This can only be done with God’s favor.


OMS missionaries on the field are sharing Jesus’ love through Christmas events for uniquely-abled kids and their families.

Second please join us in praying for the hearts and minds of Taiwanese Christians to be opened to the young unwed mothers and orphans in their communities.  We firmly believe that the message of the gospel cannot be effective in Taiwan until those who already profess themselves to be Christians begin to live transformed lives and demonstrate the light of Christ in the darkness in Taiwan.  Pray that when we arrive in Taiwan God will have prepared the way ahead of us and that there will be Taiwanese Christians who are already called to work among the orphans and unwed mothers in Taiwan.  Pray that as we  work in Taiwan we will be able to not only meet the physical needs of the lost but also that we will be able to share the Gospel to those who have not heard it.

Finally, our greatest need is for God to continue to show us favor as we raise the remaining 69% of our support.  One Mission has asked us to be 50% funded by January 30th in order to attend a required training and be on schedule for our May departure date.  We need around $800 in monthly financial support to reach 50%.  Please pray with us that God will raise up individuals or churches to give (even a small monthly gift) so that we can be fully prepared to do the work God has called us to.

*If you would like to partner with us financially through a monthly gift you can visit our Partner with Us page.*

Thank you all for supporting us with your prayers!  We are encouraged to know that the work God has called us to is not done alone.  We could not possibly hope to reach a single person in Taiwan if it was not for the prayer and financial support we receive from you all.

May God bless you in the remainder of 2016 and into 2017!img_3394